Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can Fries Be Cute???

The new Happy Meals come with the cutest little fries and healthier options like apples.

These fries were just adorable and perfect amount for a wee one.

Had to do photo op to show it off.

...and who doesn't love monster fries???

Moon Wishes

Last night, leaving Papa's house, Bailee looked up and saw the moon. I looked down at her in her stroller, and she had her eyes closed. I asked her what she was doing and she said (while squinting) "Making a Wish!"

So she secretly made her wish before we left. Then the whole way home she looked for stars and we made wishes. The wishes went a little like this..."Star bright, star mom, Star NIGHT...let me make this wish I wish tonight..."

A few of my favorite wishes she made were:
*...I wish for hugs for daddy
*...I wish Kristin came back (her old sitter)
*...I wish Mommy and Daddy can go to orchestra and play!
*...I wish Ashley and Rob can borrow baby Ellie (our friends baby) they can meet her.

Then she named the star she was watching out the car window...
And she named it Karlos K. Krinklebein (after the fish from Cat in the Hat.)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Honest Abe...

Bailee said she learned about Abraham Lincoln at school the other day. We asked her all sorts of questions, and where he lived...her reply "In a Lincoln Log House."

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Welcome Spring (and the weekend Snow)

We are supposed to get our first snow of the winter tomorrow, so I made a Spring wreath to celebrate?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am the Shampoo Nazi...

We all have heard of the Soup Nazi, well, I am the Shampoo Nazi.

For some reason, when I am stressed, or even celebrating, I like to buy new shampoo. A new scent seems to be a great way to get an easy pick-me-up. I am one of these people that never uses the same shampoo two days in a should see our shower. I usually like to have at least three different choices in the shower every day. One choice is always a 2-in-1, for the quick, lazy days. Then I have my "just shampoo" day, usually for a bath, it rinses better. And I also like to have a separate shampoo and conditioner, matching set of course, for those special days....or the winter days when static is at its have to use a separate conditioner. Sometimes, though, I like to have two sets of separates to choose from. Somewhere in our tiny bathroom, there about one tiny square inch for Ben's shampoo. Poor guy.

A friend recently sent me some great shampoo and conditioner from California. Great for a speedy surgery recovery! This is "green" shampoo, it smells great, cleans great, and helps save the planet...awesome.

One day I noticed the bathroom smelled like my new shampoo...and it was Ben who had just showered. Hmmm...I walked by, took a whiff, and sure enough...he used MY shampoo. Not only does he have to fight for space for his things, but getting in and out of the shower is an obstacle course for him...avoiding all the shampoo selections, not to mention choices of bodywash and soap (we have to have choices there too!) And now, I am stalking him and trailing him like a hunting dog tracking a bird...just to see if he smells like me.

I am the Shampoo Nazi...I see everything. You walk by smelling all good and all, but I know, I can tell.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bailee lost her 1st tooth!!!

Bailee has been really sick the last few days, but during it all, she lost her first tooth!!! She really did loose it though, no sign of it anywhere, we are guessing it probably got swallowed last night. It is so strange to see her missing a tooth...kinda like our little hockey player. Every day I think to myself "Geez, she is growing up so fast!" and now, loosing her first tooth is just amplifying what I have been little girl isn't so little anymore! Without a tooth, and her being so un-enthusiastic, we are going to have to creative with this whole Tooth Fairy thing...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Projectile Vomit is REAL

Before you become a parent, you hear stories about babies and projectile vomiting and think to yourself "How can this possibly be true?" Then you have a baby, and realize it is not only completely true, but a moment you can never forget or seem to get any control over. Our first projectile vomiting episode didn't occur immediately, we only had the daily reflux-after-eating episodes. Then, it happened...the nasty, acidic pediasure shot clear across the room, with no understanding of the moment, I grabbed the first thing I could find...nothing, except my hand...and yep, I put my hand over her mouth, trying to keep it in. That didn't work at all. It was a mess, and gross, and all over the carpet. She ended up with a stomach bug, so by the time we got her clean, the sofa clean, the floor happened again...and again.

Now, somehow we have successfully made it five years without a major episode in the car. We have had a few minor upchucks while traveling, but nothing that couldn't be contained....until today. Bailee has been sick with a cough, threw up in bed at 4am this morning, most likely from all the coughing and gagging on stuff. Then we went out for the "my child didn't sleep all night, maybe they will take a little nap" drive, and it happened. She started spitting (which we know now is her warning sign for "get the bucket quick, I am going to puke!"), but we were driving, and had less than zero control over the situation. Round one, grab the one washcloth we have and catch what we can. It was all over her sweatshirt and pants, not a huge problem, maybe it would stop. Wrong...not even close. It happened again and again, within seconds. We pulled over so Ben could get out and open the door to help. My method of turning around with my go-go-gadget arm was not really working. We had run out of dry space on the washcloth. At the this point we were trying to, at minimum, contain it to her lap, then the eruption came. All over the inside of the door to the van, the floor, more on her, in her didn't stop. We grabbed her blanket and any other absorbable material we could find...which include her giant Elmo. Ugh...never could I have imagined the ramifications of a "little" vomit. The van stunk...we rolled the windows down and proceeded on our way, each gagging from the smell.

Then she got upset because we couldn't go to Kroger covered in vomit. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hair and Nails...

Its finally feeling like winter around what better way to spend a chilly night??? Do you nails, of course!! I also tried a new style to sport on a chilly Sunday afternoon.

And some fun with nails...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012're boring.

(when I drive Bailee)

After having surgery and not being able to lift Bailee for 6 weeks, Daddy has been taking her to school in the mornings, which she loves. We talked about it this morning, that I would be taking her again soon, and she said "No, you're boring." Wow, thanks Bailee. We told her that telling someone they were boring wasn't very nice...and she almost cried. Points for making your child feel horrible first thing in the morning...3.

So, instead, we told her to say Daddy is FUN...I guess he sings, dances, and basically must just have more energy than I do at 7am...and she noticed! project...TO NOT BE BORING.

(when Daddy drives Bailee)

                                                           (this is how she feels with Daddy)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello Kitty...

Bailee loves Hello Kitty...we tried some on her thumbs tonight!

Late Night

It was a long night in our house last night, apparently also for the workers filling orders at This is what you get when people are sleep deprived...