About Bailee

Bailee Elizabeth was born September 12, 2006. She had an original due date of November 23. She decided however, she would rather come a little earlier and make a surprise entrance!

Born at 2 1/2 pounds, she was a little one, but a strong girl! Diagnosed in the NICU with a severe brain bleed, we knew she could have some challenges in life we didn't originally plan for. After many weeks in the NICU she came home weighing 4 pounds. At one year old, Bailee was officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

She is a wonderful girl that is ALWAYS smiling and always bringing a smile to others' faces. She shines through her condition and doesn't let her disability stop her from enjoying her life to the fullest!

We are so blessed to have Bailee in our lives and have learned so many  wonderful things from watching her grow. Her progress may be slow at times, but she is a miracle and has achieved some of the most amazing things already. She is such a hard worker at all her therapies and is a great joy to be around!