Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Disney - Day 2

Bailee woke up at 5:30am ready to roll...us, not so much. We headed out to the Gingerbread House for a buffet style breakfast. Its was perfect...then we stopped for a little ice cream (because, why not?)

Several days a week the village brings characters over for meet and greets...
this morning was Mickey, Belle, Pluto, and Goofey!

Day 2 was going to be a full day at Magic Kingdom...I had everything mapped out, but of course we changed plans a little bit. The park was only open until 7pm, which was good because we were exhausted. *Note: when you go into the park, go to Guest Services and get a tag for your stroller that says its also a wheelchair, this helps in some exhibits and for the monorail (you can use the handicapped car and have a ramp to help you on and off.) Get it dated through your last day. This is good at all the Disney Parks. Universal doesn't require this.

First stop...Ariel!!!

We also took a few trips on Dumbo, met more characters and princesses and caught the parade, and visited Ariel a few more times that night! The only problem with the park closing at 7, was there was Mickey's Christmas beginning that night (a separate ticket required)....so there was a mass of people trying to leave and enter at the same time, which was chaotic. 

After Magic Kingdom we went back to GKTW to the evening party with Santa! Bailee got to visit with Santa and pick a present too! (and we had more ice cream!)

Make A Wish Trip to Disney....Day 1

Make A Wish Trip to Disney....Day 1

What a wonderful trip! I am going to try to blog as much as I can! The trip was wonderful, the weather was perfect, except for a little rain here and there and the last day was pretty rainy and cold. Bailee had so much fun and smiled non-stop!

We flew from Virginia to Charlotte, NC and then to Orlando. For our flight, we had Bailee's wheelchair/stroller with us and a carseat to bring on the plane for her to sit on. When we got through security we just went up the the gate and got a tag for the stroller so they would take it under the plane for us and have it waiting for us as soon as we got off the plane. It really helped. A few pieces came off and got a misplaced. I had seen some other strollers/wheelchairs that parents had put a nice laminated note on saying "I know you are in a hurry, but this is my only way to get around, so I appreciate your being careful with my chair." - In hindsight, would've been a good idea.

The flights went good, Bailee travels well. Our last flight in we didn't have any seats together, so we got one person to switch with Ben so he could sit next to Bailee, and then the boyfriend gave me his tickets so I could sit up with Ben and Bailee too. It was really nice. I even got a great picture of the Roanoke Star flying out in the morning fog!

When we got to Orlando we were greeted by two wonderful Give Kids the World volunteers. (Give Kids the World is a village that many wish organizations send their families to for the stay.) They helped with our luggage, and took us to get our rental car, and had a map for us to get to the village. 

We got to the village after a 25 minute drive and were greeted and brought right to lunch at Katie's Kitchen (Boston Market food, with delicious chicken salad sandwiches!) We checked in and were driven to our villa in a golf cart, and we got settled before going back to see more of the village. All the villas were decorated for Christmas and we even had our own tree inside! She got a Mickey at check-in too, and more gifts everyday in the room. Make sure you pack an extra bag/suitcase for the stuff you will be bringing home!

After unpacking we walked down to check out more of the village. First stop...ice cream palace, ice cream all day long! We also played putt putt and went on a ride on the carousel (twice!) Each night at the village they have different activities, we were too tired to stay out for village idol, but it looked like a lot of fun! We had dinner at the Gingerbread House and ordered pizza delivery later.