Saturday, December 31, 2011

Days 16 &15...

Day 16 brings back memories of turning 16...I felt so awesome and on top of the the world, like I knew everything! Boy, was I wrong. Its strange how when you are getting older, but still in high school, how cool you feel because you were the big fish in the little pond...we just didn't know how little that pond was and how little we still were...and how much growth was ahead. I could have never in my wildest dreams imagined how many things I would get to experience and learn, and how much one little two and a half pound miracle could change my life.

Today, day 15, is the last day of many things happened this year, and so many more miracles ahead. I look forward to the challenges, the lessons, and the growth 2012 and being 30 will bring.

Happy New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 18 and 17...

These last few days just flew by!!! Bailee is on Christmas break, 
so we are running around and doing alot of entertaining!!!

Today was a great day though, it started with a trip to the spa! 
A much needed break included a massage and facial. 
It was wonderful! 
Thanks to Ben for keeping Miss B for me!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 19...Down to the teens!

Only 19 days left of being 29...whew...where has the time gone??!!!

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip." 
~ Unknown"

Day 20...

Day 20...BUSY DAY!!! I completely missed my post for the day.

Merry Day-After-Christmas...I hope no one had to conquer the return/exchange lines at Walmart!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 21...Merry Christmas!!!

We had a great holiday, celebrating all weekend with the families and more to come!!! I love watching Bailee and seeing her excitement opening all the cool new stuff!!! And I love when she looks at you and says "thank you and HUG!"

"First we'll make snow angels for two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle." - Buddy the Elf

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 23...Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!
It's day 23 of my countdown and the 23rd of December!
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and this year has been great. Bailee is at the age where she is really excited for Santa and loves looking at all the holiday lights, which was (and still is) a favorite of mine too!

So, Merry Christmas Eve Eve Everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 24...Starting the Year with a Bang

Well, it seems that all my girlie problems have added up and are to the point where I just can't take the pain anymore, so we decided to celebrate the new year with a hysterectomy. Why not, right? 

So, day 24, scheduling surgery to get it all out and looking forward to my 30th year getting to be pain free!!! The biggest catch with this surgery is that I cannot lift Bailee for 6 weeks! Uhhmmm...she has cerebral palsy doc, she can't walk...what should I do, just tell her to get up and use those legs!? Maybe this surgery will get her walking. If I can't carry her, she will need to fend for herself, right? Well, in reality, we have help lined up...but if you are free and want an upper body workout, feel free to stop by and lend a hand...or two.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 25...Ban the Skinny Jean

I woke Bailee up for school this morning and the first thing she said was "no." Just a plain old no.

And I said something like this "I agree, we must do something about these boys wearing girls' pants...we must take action and ban the skinny jean!"

We will take action and do our part and not support the skinny jean cause. If you are a cute thing, and female, go for it, especially with tall boots. But a guy, walking down the street with skinny jeans and a sag...not cool.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 26...

Day 26...Ambien tonight. Whew, its only Tuesday, and I am exhausted. 
A lot on the mind of a 29 year old tonight, so I leave you with a fortune.

"Don't be afraid of opposition; remember, a kite rises against the wind." - fortune cookie of the day.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 27...

Well, after I endured the estrogen raged women at Michael's today...I saw some pop rocks when I was checking out...thought for a second for day 27 maybe I would test the pop rocks and cola myth, but decided against it...maybe its best to have someone else try that first...just to be safe!!!

Today, for my big stuff...Bailee went to the school store and picked me and daddy out some gifts. She got me a stuffed pink poodle and daddy and giant stuffed Nemo. She gave them to us, we opened, and she declared they would be best with much for gifts from Bailee.

Today I booked a morning at the spa...massage and facial!!! For my 29th 29 day countdown, I go to PureSpa on December 29! Whoo hoo!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 28...

Sunday starts with a homemade breakfast by the weekends when we eat together.

Memorable moment of the day...daddy taught Bailee this one:

Daddy: "Bailee, what is mommy?"

Bailee: "A FOXY LADY!" this is what I imagine myself as.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 29 of the 29 Day Countdown to 30!

Well, today started with gluten free pancakes...yum (actually GF bisquick is good, plus they had chocolate chips in them-thanks Ben!)

Then off to Bailee's Christmas dance recital. She did great! At some point during the recital I think I realized I may have forgotten to put on my deotorant this morning...whoops. At least it was freezing outside, so I didn't smell.

Friday, December 16, 2011

29 countdown...

Well, its almost here, and hard to believe! In exactly one month, 
I will be turning the big 3-0!!!

So, in honor of this upcoming spectacular-ness...I've decided I am going to do a 29 day countdown of my last 29 days as a 29 year old. 

Bring on the fun!!! 
(suggestions for activities welcome!!!)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sesame Street Live!

We did it, we went all out this year and bought the VIP tickets to Sesame Street Live! Thanks go out to our good friend Hal, and Mimi (grandma) for making this possible for Bailee!!!

Because of Bailee's CP, she doesn't get to run around like all the other little 5 year old, so its so special to be able to give her a treat that she truly loves!

She had a wonderful time and tells everyone she sat on Elmo's lap and gave him a big hug!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cheeeeeessseee Please!

What do you get when you combine a giant mouse, a birthday, and 5 year old Bailee???  - A really excited little girl!!!

One of Bailee's classmates in Kindergarten is celebrating her 6th birthday this Saturday at Chuck E Cheese...boy is she excited!!!

Having a child with special needs raises a lot of questions with us parents. What will life be like? Will she walk or talk? Will she play like other kids? Will she understand what I am saying to her? Will she graduate from high school? What about prom and college and marriage? Will she live on her own or with us forever? And what happens when we are old and gone?

But aside from all these questions, this one also runs through our heads all the time...will she be included and accepted by her peers???

The last two years Bailee was in preschool with other special needs kids. They all got along and didn't seem to even notice differences, but this year she started kindergarten, and she is the only special needs kid in her entire class of 19!!! I feared the worst, and after only a few days of school, realized my fears were simply that, just fears. Bailee is so accepted and loved in her class, not only by the adults, but all her classmates too! They love to help Bailee with her reading, sit with her, play Legos with her, eat lunch with her...its amazing, and such a relief!!!

This weekend is a birthday party of one of her friends. Although I am nervous about going to Chuck E Cheese for the first time, especially with all those games and rides and a non-mobile little girl, I am so happy she is included!!!

I asked Bailee's aide what her classmate might like for a little birthday gift, and she said that Bailee coming would probably be the best gift ever for her!