Bailee Just Said...

1. Playing the board game Moods, where you read different sentences in different "moods/inflections"...asked Bailee "What do you say when you are apologetic?" She responded "Sorry." Good! Then, "What do you say when you are being romantic?" Response..."Bow Chicka Wow Wow." Ahhh...sweet girl.  (we thank Uncle Rob for this one)

2. At therapy, wearing her sunglasses (yep, the whole session) she looked in the mirror and said "Someday, I am gonna be a ROCKSTAR!

3. Where does Abraham Lincoln live??? In a Lincoln Log House.

4. Bailee: "Its my birthday today." 
    Me: "No it isn't."
    Bailee: "Yes, it is....PLEASE!!!"
    Me: "No, but why do you want it to be your birthday?"
    Bailee points out the window to pump it up. 

5. "Mom, I will be ready as soon as a fast cucumber!!!!"

6. Bailee: "Mom, let's play are Dr. Mom"
    Me: "Okay...what's your problem patient Bailee?"
    Bailee: "Uhmmmm....I'm Pregnant."
    Me: "Nope...not that problem...pick about a cough?"

7. Bailee: "Hey mom, lets play a game. You are old, and you go POP!"