Tuesday, September 17, 2013


One of my biggest fears as a mom of a little girl with cerebral palsy, is her having friendship. After Bailee started school I learned the real value of friendship and saw how wonderful kids can be. 

Accept me for who I am
I'll do the same for you
Don't try to change at all
Just to yourself be true

We all have faults and failings
It's what makes us all so real
No one can be perfect
With this we have to deal

I love you with your weaknesses
I've learned that I have mine
We all learn to deal with change
It just takes a little time

So be patient with yourself

And I'll be patient too
You've given me the greatest gift
The perfect gift of you 

-Mandi Ducroq

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Already?

No clue why we were late for school (again)...

It wasn't because it took me 10 minutes just to convince Bailee to unseal her lips and drink her pediasure with medicine in it. Or the wrestle to get the pullup, shorts, tall socks and braces on. Definitely not the 10 minute escapade getting the special skin tight glove on the noodle fingers. Or getting the 6000 straps secured on the power chair seat & harness. And especially not because of the 10 crashes into the wall and door frames getting the power chair out the door, down the ramp, or into the van...and strapped in again. 

Nope none of those reasons.