Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Special Note...

When Bailee was born 10 years ago we were thrown into the unknown world of special needs. We didn't know what to expect or how things would be. We were so stressed and distraught from losing this picture we had of what our family would be.

Then things changed. We realized the real meaning of what having a special needs child was. It isn't that the child just has needs that are different from others, but they truly are special and bring something to your life that you could not get any other way.

These children can truly touch you. They bring joy, and can help show us how to appreciate the little things we were blind to before.

For a few years now I have been working on a dream project of mine....to have greeting cards featuring special needs children. I am so happy to finally have some to offer.

These cards send joyful and fun messages while featuring children with disabilities and helping to bring awareness to how special they are and what they can bring to our own lives.